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Sustainability, aesthetics and functionality

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Welcome to CURE.

The place of mindfulness, carefulness and environmental friendliness. Taking care of body and soul is the best gift you can present yourself. Massage is one of the most ancient ways of expressing self-love. Cure. helps to preserve the authenticity of this process through the use of natural hand-made facial tools and equipment. Cure. appreciates the latest request of saving your time and high-quality tools for facial treatment. New, completely different skin care facial tools appear at Cure. to improve and support your beauty routine on the highest level.

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There is a great range of any kinds of body and face massagers:

Gua Sha, face roller, hair comb, stone eye patches, and a sleep mask. Facial beauty tools are easy to use and portable, which is why they can be used in the morning or in the evening of your beauty routine. Facial tools equipment has many advantages; it speeds up metabolism, evens out skin tone, improves facial muscle tone, and reduces wrinkles. Tools for facial treatment reduce acne by regulating the work of the sebaceous glands. Using face tools for massage with cosmetics helps to enhance its effect on the skin.

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Gua Sha

Gua Sha facial tool is one of the most generally known face massager. This beauty face massager is a type of traditional Chinese massage that works with the qi energy and tone of your skin. There are six types of face massager stones in the collection. All of these Gua Sha are made of natural stones, each with its own external features; therefore, color, weight, and texture may vary.

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Face Roller

Face roller is the second most famous facial massager. This massage beauty tool is one of the oldest devices for self-massage. The main advantage of this massager is the blood supplying to the tissues. The roller is compact and easy to use, due to this it can be used in a taxi, during the lunch hour and in other circumstances. The roller can become a great stress reliever.

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Hair Comb

Haircare is an integral part of daily beauty routine. The haircare collection provides the gentle care through the use of the agate hair comb.

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There are special gift sets

which are perfect as presents for the persons you love. The entire collection is designed in a minimalist style and corresponds to the environmental demands. Face and head massagers complement the basic skin care. Facial care tools relieve eye fatigue, strengthen the vascular network of the face, control sebum production, reduce headache and increase sleep quality.

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Facial massagers

will be a great addition to skin care routine and will become your new healthy habit. The main thing is to devote time to this procedure regularly and daily. Then the result will be visible in a couple of weeks. Cure. is not only a shop, but also a guide in self-care process. Here you will find answers to your questions about beauty routine, get to know the rules of massage techniques and deepen awareness of your body.

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Eye Patches

Natural stone eye patches and mushroom Gua Sha are used as a part of facial massage to relax, remove the signs of fatigue and get a fresh look back.

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Sleep Masks

To increase the quality of recovery handmade sleep masks with aroma sachet are presented in the collection.

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Our main goals

sustainability, esthetics, harmony


I really love how everything cure. offers is carefully thought through. Each product is designed with a lot of attention to the details. I use the body guasha and the spiked roller everyday. And you get a very nice storage bag for each item :)


Every time I'm here, I buy something new. Just can't stop myself, my esthetic pleasure is too high!


I see great results after using the agate mushrooms. I feel refreshed and no puffiness at all.


Each face massager is designed to improve the quality of your beauty routine. Cure. values high quality and environmentally conscious approach. We want more people to change their attitude to consumption and make the choice to naturalness and environmental friendliness. For this reason Cure. has worldwide delivery. Products will be shipped through the delivery service you choose while placing an Order to the address indicated in the Order.

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