Interview: about beauty, business and friendship.

The founders of cure. Kristina K. and Yana K. shared the story of the project, the experience of going into business with a friend, and their beauty favorites.

- How did your journey into the world of beauty begin? 

YANA K. Beauty and everything connected with it has interested me since childhood. Mom had a big suitcase with cosmetics, which was like a forbidden fruit for me. When I was very upset about something, my mother would bring that magic suitcase and let me go through it. Best days of my life! During our teen years, we used to meet at Kristina's house before going out. Kristina's mom usually had many new beauty products, so we would happily try all of them and leave the house feeling beautiful. Who knows how we looked :)

We grew up and moved to different countries and cities; however, the passion for beauty gadgets, beauty trends, etc., has remained. We often talked about different kinds of beauty trends. During such conversation, we came up with the idea to create a project that would demonstrate various massage devices made of natural stones and their use. This was back in 2019 before the pandemic. We had no idea what was coming...

KRISTINA K. We used to talk on the phone quite often..about everything really. We loved talking about new products we've recently tried, new beauty trends, or even beauty hacks. Since we lived on different continents, it was fascinating to know what was trending on one or another continent.
During one of these conversations, we touched on trendy face rollers and guasha; we were interested in doing some research, learning fascinating facts about stones; we were also surprised that such a small gadget could cope with so many problems. Everything sounded very tempting and exciting.

- What is the peculiarity of doing business with a friend?

YANA K. We have complete trust in each other and support from each other. We have been friends since school. It helps us a lot; we feel each other's energy which sometimes helps us make decisions without words. It's incredibly great and vital to be on the same set of mind with the person with whom you work and build a business.

KRISTINA K. We complement each other's knowledge, ideas, thoughts; that's how we create our excellent products. We subtly feel each other's moods, so we know when to joke, support each other, or remain silent. We can honestly express our opinion without fear. And the main thing is that we have been working on our project from different countries in different time zones for three years already ... and I know that Yana will do everything the way I would do it, and I will do everything the way Yana would … this is our key to success.

- What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

KRISTINA K. I love looking for new product ideas, coming up with things that can make people's lives easier and better. I enjoy discussing different ideas with Yana, and I get incredible pleasure when our vision and the end result coincide 100%.

YANA K. I consider myself a creative person; I like to work on the visual concept of the brand and implement it. Sometimes I worry too much about the final result; at such moments, it's nice to have a business partner and a friend who is always supportive.
There are pieces in our collection that we literally hand-crafted, and I really like this part of the project. Also, working with numbers does not leave me indifferent: numbers and calculations are a necessity in business, and I love playing with them.

- Everyone occasionally experiences burnout and unwillingness to do anything, what do you do about it?

KRISTINA K. Although sometimes it is difficult, I try to listen to myself and just let myself be in different states of body, mind, and soul. I do whatever I want to: feel sorry for myself, cry, eat some carbs..some sweets…:) I understand perfectly well that this is a temporary state, and soon I will return to normal, totally renewed. I don’t blame myself, instead, I care for myself.

YANA K. We manage to quickly get out of such situations because we are close friends and support each other in any case. Burnout happens to everyone, it is essential to notice it in time and pause at the right moment, then it will not take much time to recover.

- What are the essential everyday beauty rituals?

KRISTINA K. This is what I do every morning and night: cleansing, lotion and emulsion, roller massage. I usually add different kinds of masks to my night beauty routine.

YANA K. My morning starts with a thorough cleansing and light massage.

- If you were going on a trip and your beauty bag was limited to three items, what would it include?

KRISTINA K. Cleanser, face guasha, emulsion.


Cleanser, spiked face roller, moisturizing emulsion.

- What are the essential factors when choosing your beauty care?

KRISTINA K. Sustainable packaging, cosmetics should not be tested on animals, ethics, and ingredients.

YANA K. Composition, quality, brand ethics, value/cost.

- If you were to put together a five-piece gift box for a friend using the cure. website, what would it include?

YANA K. I love to give my friends and family our products. I would choose the following cure. products:

  • A spiked agate roller
  • Mushrooms for the eye area
  • Pink opal patches
  • A sleep mask
  • A beauty bag

KRISTINA K. My gift box would include: a sleep mask, a face roller, body guasha, face guasha and a cosmetic bag to store our little friends.


cure. in three words: 
KRISTINA K. esthetic, ethical, harmonious
YANA K. esthetic, useful, desirable
    favorite cure. product:
KRISTINA K. body agate guasha

YANA K. spiked face roller 

                                favorite movie or series you can rewatch all over again:
KRISTINA K. "Friends"

YANA K. "Quantum Love " with Sophie Marceua

your day starts with...: 

YANA K. Light massage to wake up
KRISTINA K. Skin care routine

the perfect end of the day..?
YANA K. Meditation and head massage with comb
KRISTINA K. Face mask, a good book, meditation