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About Us

cure. is an online space where the founders, have collected beauty items for skincare and self-care to achieve maximum relaxation and harmony.
The main principle of the project is that beauty must be ethical, and self-care doesn't only mean appearance but also constant attention to one's inner state.

Yana and Kristina, who back then lived on different continents, came up with the idea of the brand during another telephone conversation. And there were many. Everything happened on the eve of the pandemic; at that point, the creators of the cure. had no idea how many people they would help in taking care of themselves, their internal and external state.

Thanks to the successful work and experience gained, the brand's creators highlighted the best working products and expanded the collections with new products. 

"We all have to remember that what we feel inside (balance, harmony, happiness, or dissatisfaction, sadness, sickness) translates into how we look. So we hope to guide you find the way to help yourself in both directions: in and out." 

Yana & Kristina