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Natural Agate Scalp Massage & Relaxation Hair Comb

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

We believe that not only your face needs effective and beautiful devices, but also your hair.

Unlike ordinary combs, the agate comb for hair will help eliminate nervous tension, headaches, and stress. In addition, the natural agate comb neutralizes negative energy and relieves static. 

Bonuses of Jade Comb Massage

Remember that to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead effectively, it is essential to pre-massage the area of ​​the aponeurosis of the head well. Since it is because of its immobility, we see the formation of wrinkles in the frontal zone.

Therefore we have added a natural agate comb to our collection - for an effective and high-quality head massage.

  • reduction of wrinkles in the frontal area;
  • improved hair growth;
  • headache relief.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to such an original gift!

Size: 9.5 * 4.3 cm/3.54 * 1.57 in

*If there is a specific color of the comb you would like to choose, please, leave your comment in the box " special instructions for seller", it will appear before checking out.

**All combs are made of natural stones, each with its own external features; therefore, color, weight, and texture may vary. In addition, the presence of natural shells is allowed on the products. Each comb comes with a storage bag.

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