Intensive Body & Face Massage Set

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Intensive body & face massage set was created for faster and more intense activation of the circulatory system, which contributes to more rapid cell renewal and, as a result, rejuvenation. The collection includes our bestsellers:

      We propose the following steps

      1. Take natural agate hair comb and carefully massage your head, especially the aponeurosis zone: starting from the beginning of the hair growth zone, move to the cervical area with light massage movements.
      This action can be performed daily, regardless of whether you will be doing a Gua Sha facial massage or not.

      2. Before starting the body and face Gua Sha massage, do not forget to cleanse your skin. After, activate the lymphatic system: go over the lymph nodes with light pressure movements.
      Apply any product that will ensure enough sliding of the Gua Sha over the skin throughout the massage process.

      3. Start massaging your body. Do not forget about the rules: the bian stone Gua Sha should be at an angle of 15-45 degrees, move strictly along the massage lines, and choose pressure intensity based on the personal characteristics of the skin and your feelings. After the end of the massage, be sure to wash off the remaining product.

      4. Facial Gua Sha massage with a Gua Sha made of natural bian stone is performed using a pre-applied cosmetic oil or cream to ensure the Gua Sha slides. The Gua Sha angle should not exceed 45 degrees.
      Massage movements should be slow along massage lines. For a more intense activation of blood flow, use the part of the scraper with teeth. After finishing the Gua Sha facial massage, do not forget to cleanse the skin thoroughly.

      5. Wash the bian natural stone Gua Sha and natural agate hair comb under running water using soap.
      Dry the massage products made from natural stones and put them in a cotton makeup bag for storage.

      You will soon notice how your skin becomes radiant, beautiful, and youthful with the regular use of natural stones ♡