Skin Care in Cold Weather

With the arrival of winter, the needs of our skin change. It becomes more vulnerable, dull, and starts to peel. And this applies not only to facial skin. It's during the cold season that we need to pay more attention to ourselves, our body, and our face.

For the Body

The skin on our body is denser than that on the face and is less susceptible to external factors. However, it has fewer oil glands, making it more prone to dryness and dehydration. Moisturizing and nourishing are crucial during this time. If you prefer lightweight body lotions in warm weather, in winter, you should opt for thicker textures. To ensure that the product works well, follow the ‘three-minute rule’ – apply the cream a few minutes after a shower, on slightly damp skin.

Applying cream is not only a way to tone and firm the skin but also an excellent opportunity for a light self-massage, a chance to distract from negative thoughts and relax. After a shower, apply the cream and do a gentle gua sha body massage. This helps the product absorb better, improves circulation, and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Remember to start the massage from the lower parts of the body and gradually work your way up.

No matter how much you may desire a long, hot shower after a tough day, it's better to avoid it. The more time you spend in the shower and the hotter the water, the more moisture your skin loses. Try to limit your showers to 15–20 minutes. The same goes for taking baths: extended periods in hot water may be soothing for the soul but are not beneficial for the body.

For the Face

In cold weather, it's essential to keep the skin well-hydrated. In addition to cream, you can use serums containing both high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. When choosing a moisturizing cream, pay attention to its texture. Fluids and emulsions are suitable for summer, but for autumn-winter care, you should opt for something thicker, like a cream. Don't forget to regularly apply hydrating masks. If you use sheet masks, perform a face massage with a facial roller or gua sha mushrooms on top of the mask to enhance its effectiveness.

As the cold sets in, the skin produces less sebum. Therefore, it's better to choose gentler cleansing products, preferably without alcohol and sulfates. During the cold season, avoid overly mattifying cosmetic products. Even in cold weather, don't forget about SPF. Apply it to all exposed areas of your body, including your neck and hands.

And remember, your hands and lips also require additional care. Don't forget to use special creams and balms for them.