Six beauty habits you will thank yourself for in the future

We have collected simple but beneficial habits that you should include in your beauty routine to maintain healthy and beautiful skin for a long time.

1. Skin cleansing

This is the most crucial step in your beauty routine. Even if you do not use decorative cosmetics, particles of dust and dirt accumulate on the surface of the skin during the day, so cleansing is a mandatory ritual. In addition to the daily procedure, it is advisable to do a deep cleansing from time to time, based on your skin type and needs.


2. Sleep schedule

Chronic lack of sleep affects our face and skin; it can also cause redness and irritation. For the processes of restoration and self-defense of the skin to proceed normally, be sure to observe the sleep schedule. Remember to use a special mask to improve melatonin production and protect the delicate skin around the eyes from creases and friction on the pillow.


3. Caring for the skin around the eyes

Many only pay due attention to this delicate area once there are pronounced signs of aging. However, the sooner you start caring for this area, the better. In addition to creams and serums, patches made from natural stones will help to resist swelling, dark circles, and age-related changes. Also, remember about a delicate massage with agate gua sha mushrooms.


4. Using sunscreens

Sunscreen is a must-have item for anyone who wants to avoid pigmentation and premature aging. You must apply SPF products all year round, even if you live in an area with cold autumns and winters. When the sun is very active, use SPF 30-50; in the cold season, 15-30 is enough. And remember to regularly update the protection, preferably every 3-4 hours.


5. Scalp care

We can devote a lot of time to hair care, forgetting that our health largely depends on the condition of the scalp. Like the skin on the face, the scalp can age; instead of wrinkles, we notice thin and dull hair prone to falling out.

Moisturize and nourish the scalp with special masks, preventing dryness and hair loss. Like our face, the scalp periodically needs deep cleansing from dead skin particles and other impurities; use peelings for this.

Remember to massage the scalp, it can be done with Gua Sha with a jagged edge or a comb. Massage will improve blood circulation and metabolic processes.


6. Self-love

The most important and influential step in a beauty routine is self-love. Remember to smile regularly at your beautiful reflection in the mirror and give yourself sincere compliments.