Five languages of self-love

The relationship with oneself is the most important relationship we build throughout our lives. For several decades, psychologists have been talking about love languages that help to become closer with a partner. But these same techniques can also be used in building harmonious relationships with oneself.


Words: don't forget to compliment yourself

Remember when was the last time you said something really nice to yourself? We tend to criticize ourselves quite often and very rarely compliment ourselves, we need to change this approach. After all, thoughts determine our emotions and behavior, so say something positive to yourself every day. Try to silence the critic in your inner dialogue, let your inner support group speak louder. By indulging in self-flagellation, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy personal victories.


Care: show love for yourself through actions

Take care of your physical and mental health. Any problem should be solved as soon as possible. After all, feeling unwell, painful sensations, and anxiety lead to a poor quality of life. Don't forget to pay attention to your diet, choose healthy and nutritious foods.

Create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in your home. You should like the place where you live.


Gifts: receive tokens of love for yourself

Buy only what you really like. Don't keep things that don't evoke pleasant emotions for you.

Give yourself interesting experiences and impressions. Plan and include in your expenses list something that you have long wanted to do but haven't found the resources for.

Don't forget about self-development and self-education. Perhaps you have long wanted to take culinary courses, become a yoga instructor, learn a foreign language, or master the gua sha massage technique.

And don't forget to regularly give yourself little things that bring you a lot of pleasant emotions: fresh flowers, a candle with a nice scent, a stylish stand for palo santo and incense.


Time: find moments for yourself every day

Plan leisure time and hobbies just as you plan work tasks or home routines. Entertainment and favorite hobbies are just as important a part of life.

Arrange dates with yourself, invite yourself to the theater, cinema, cafe or for a walk in the park.

Don't forget about physical activity and sleep. Give your body time to recover and recharge. Use sleep accessories that will not only improve its quality but also bring you pleasure, like a beautiful pajama, high-quality bedding, and a sleep mask made of natural fabrics with aromatic sachets.


Touches: give yourself the most gentle touches

Gua sha or roller massage is not just about beauty, but also about love for yourself, establishing contact with yourself and your body. Learn and regularly practice gua sha massage not only for the face but also for the body and head. This can become your special ritual alone with yourself, help you explore and feel every part of your body, and at the same time relax your muscles and relieve tension.

We also constantly feel the touches of clothing, towels, underwear, and bedding, so try to choose materials that give you the most pleasant and gentle touches.