Massage lines: what is it, and why is it essential for everyone to know about them

Regular facial massage helps reduce puffiness and removes creases and fine wrinkles. The main thing during the procedure is to move in the right mood - along the massage lines. They are equally important in the application of care products. Let's figure out what massage lines are and where they are located.


Magic lines of beauty

Massage lines are the lines along which our skin is least prone to stretching. The second name of massage lines is Langer's lines. The Austrian scientist Karl Langer discovered that the elasticity and strength of our skin in certain places are much higher. This is due to the arrangement of bundles of collagen fibers.

Along the massage lines, the skin's resistance to stretching is three times higher than in other directions. Therefore, any massage is done exclusively along the Langer line; this helps avoid deformation of the face oval, creases, and wrinkles. Our lymphatic system is also connected with the Langer lines; you can get swelling if you massage in the wrong direction. Focusing on these magic lines when applying cosmetics and cleansing the skin would be best.


Where are they located?

Massage lines are located in every part of our faces. It's not that hard to remember them. Save the diagram to your smartphone; after a couple of repetitions, you will become a pro.

Forehead. Massage lines go from the bridge of the nose to the temples, parallel to the superciliary arches.

Eye area. Upper eyelid - from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, lower eyelid - from the outer corner of the eye to the inner.

Nose. Langer's lines are located along the back of the nose - from the tip and up to the bridge of the nose.

Cheeks. From the wings of the nose and corners of the mouth to the auricle.

Chin. From the middle to the ears along the contour of the lower jaw.

Neck. From the subclavian fossa to the chin area.


Massage rules

Massage is the contact of hands and body tissues; to enhance the effect of this interaction, a Gua Sha scraper and face rollers can be used. It is easy to work with them and make movements along the massage lines in the direction from the center to the periphery. Hold the skin with your other hand if you are doing a massage with a Gua Sha. Remember to use cosmetics to slip and avoid massage in the area of rosacea. Start the ritual with light strokes, and then increase the pressure. Perform the massage sequentially, working through each zone from bottom to top. And always remember the forbidden areas that do not need to be worked out with a massager - the central zone of the neck, where the thyroid gland and larynx are located.


About skin care care

Every day we do a lot of manipulations with our faces: we wash and apply creams and masks. For each action to bring an effect, it is essential to touch the face correctly. This is where massage lines come in handy too.

Start applying cosmetic products from the chin to the earlobes, then move from the corners of the lips to the ear tragus. Then proceed to the area from the wings of the nose to the top of the auricle. And after that, move to the lines of the forehead. Remember the neck; apply the product from the bottom up, slightly raising your chin.