Checklist: Everything You Need for a Home Spa

After a stressful workweek, it's important to fully relax and recharge. And what better way to accomplish that than an evening dedicated to yourself and taking care of your body? We have compiled a brief checklist to help you create a spa zone right in your own bathroom.

For the Body

To relax your muscles, improve circulation, and prepare your skin for subsequent treatments, start the evening with a warm bath or shower. The water temperature should not be too hot; the optimal range is 95-102 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on individual preference. Avoid spending too much time in the bath—15 minutes is sufficient. Of course, don't forget your favorite aromatherapy products. Optionally, use your preferred bath salts, foam, or bath bombs. It's best not to mix multiple products and avoid excessive use of essential oils, as they can cause skin irritation.

After your bath relaxation, apply your favorite lotion or special oil to your body, then take a gua sha tool and gently work on each area of your body, excluding the abdominal region. If time and patience permit, you can also try body wraps, such as those with clay or seaweed.

For the Face

While you relax in the bath, apply a face mask and place eye patches over your eyes. If you use bead patches from cure., you can also give the skin around your eyes a gentle massage.

After your bath, apply serum or cream to your face and use gua sha or a facial roller. Your warmed skin and relaxed muscles will appreciate this ritual.

For the Hair

Don't forget about your scalp. While the bath is filling up, massage the hairy part of your head using gua sha or comb your hair with an agate comb. Then apply a hair mask. If you're using oils, you can massage your scalp after applying the oil.

For the Soul

Spa time is not just for the body but also for the soul. Before the ritual, light an aromatic candle or burn palo santo, brew a cup of tea, and play your favorite music. Allow yourself to let go of everyday matters and problems. Even short but regular meditation sessions like these can help reduce stress, minimize professional burnout, and positively influence your mood. Finally, end your evening by watching a movie or reading a book. And try to keep your phone away until the next day.