Women who changed the world of beauty and fashion

March is when we want to once again talk about strong bright personalities who were ahead of their time with their views and changed the world with their actions.

Estée Lauder

She created and managed one of the world's most prestigious and innovative cosmetic companies. The story of Estée Lauder is a clear example of the fact that if you want to, you can achieve everything and even more.

Estée Lauder was incredibly sensitive to the needs of women, and she was also a brilliant marketer. She believed it was important not just to sell a product but to convey to the client how it works and its benefits. Just like that, Lauder invented the position of a sales assistant. Lauder came up with the idea of giving cosmetics samples for purchase and promoting new product lines with this step.

As the head of a large company, she traveled around the country, meeting with buyers of cosmetics stores and interacting with her target audience. Even before the advent of social networks, she was sure that the best advertising was word of mouth. And for promoting products, the personal brand of the company's owner is also crucial.

In addition to the revolution in business and marketing, Estée Lauder changed how women viewed themselves. In the 50s, perfume was a luxury that men chose according to their taste and gave to their wives. Lauder changed the game and created a scented oil that could be used as a perfume and was inexpensive. So women got the opportunity to choose and buy fragrances themselves.

Diana Vreeland

The bright and charismatic Diana Vreeland has dramatically impacted the fashion world for over 50 years. She became the editor-in-chief of Vogue, and made the glossy magazine significant and influential, turning it into a fashion bible.

Vreeland refused to promote the image of a housewife woman. Instead, she showed the prestige of building a career and making money.

Diana foresaw trends and discarded all the stereotypes of that time: she showed the world a skimpy bikini and made jeans popular.

She had a unique view of the world, noting in people's special features of appearance, character, and creativity. Vreeland was believed to have introduced the world to celebrities such as Mick Jaeger, Twiggy, Barbara Streisand, and Cher.

After leaving the post of editor of Vogue, Diana headed the Metropolitan Costume Institute in New York. It was Vreeland who turned the Met Gala into a glamorous event that the whole world watches every year.

Grace Jones

Model, singer, actress, gay icon, art object, female-male - Grace Jones has always been cramped to stay in one category. She became the first female personification of androgyny. "I can be feminine, I can be masculine, I'm both, really." Her courage and scope of views are especially relevant today.

Grace openly showed her sexuality and boldly exposed herself at photo shoots and concerts. She has never been shy about showing her androgynous unconventional beauty. For rejecting gender stereotypes and supporting the LGBT community, Grace would later be called a queer icon.

Along with this, Jones became a true icon of feminism; she fought against objectification and refused to follow the rules regarding women in show business. Grace did not want to adapt to the requirements of the producers and made a scandal when in the 70s, she was offered a role in a film in exchange for sex.


Each person writes his beauty story daily, making his world better and revolutions in it. Well, we are trying to help you fall in love with yourself over and over again, take a fresh look at your appearance, find inner harmony, and turn your beauty routine into a special ritual ♡