With love. Special Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a great occasion to once again show your loved ones how dear and important they are to you. And create joint unforgettable moments and experiences. We have compiled gift ideas that will fill your life with pleasant moments not only on February 14th.

Relaxing massage with Gua Sha.

What could be better than a light relaxing massage from a loved one? Even if you do not own special techniques, with the help of a scraper, you handle this task easily. The main thing is to pre-apply cream or oil on the skin so that the scraper slides.

The gua sha shape allows you to gently massage every area of the head, face, neck and body. Move the scraper slowly at a 30-45 degree angle. Adjust the degree of pressing depending on the sensations of the partner and the area of the body.

New sensations with a sleep mask.

A sleep mask will give your partner not only a sound healthy sleep, although this is already a weighty argument in favor of such a gift. This accessory will add zest to your intimate life, allowing you to concentrate on tactile sensations, not the visual.

Open your scent of love.

Aromas can evoke certain pleasant memories in us. Create a special fragrance for your relationship with your partner using incense, palo santo and special herbs.

A special handmade ceramic stand will help you create the alchemy of smells. By finding your scents, you can repeatedly immerse yourself in special moments, even when you are hundreds of kilometers apart.


The absence of a partner is not a reason to refuse a declaration of love on Valentine's Day. Show love and care for the most important person in your life - yourself. Indulge in a relaxing ritual with a gua sha massage, create a unique fragrance for your home… Or maybe you want to add your unique gift to this list, like natural stone eye patches or a face roller.