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Scalp Gua Sha Agate Comb: why your hair needs it.

The scalp Gua Sha comb adds aesthetics to your beauty routine and promotes hair growth. And hair scalp massager is perfect for oil head massage - oiling.

Not only beautiful but also very useful.

Scalp massage with an agate gua sha comb improves scalp microcirculation, strengthens hair follicles, and generally stimulates hair growth.

The gua sha comb for scalp massage will help relieve tension and relax after a busy day. Measured massage movements and the pleasant coolness of the crystal provide this effect.

Scalp massage does not require any skills. But when combing or massaging, there are a few recommendations to keep in mind. The ritual should be long enogh; you should run through your hair about a hundred times. You can massage in a circular motion if you have a short haircut. Drive the gua sha comb in different directions: from top to bottom, bottom to top, from left to right, and right to left. For convenience, you can tilt your head down.

The teeth of the scalp gua sha comb are not sharp, so they will not damage the scalp. But in particularly delicate areas, you can use the rounded part of the comb for massage. Draw from the hairline to the center of the head, applying a little pressure.

About oiling.

Oiling is a scalp and hair massage using oil. A similar ritual has existed for centuries in Asian beauty practice and Ayurvedic medicine. Its purpose is to strengthen and moisturize the hair, improve its condition, and add shine.

Any non-comedogenic oils should be used for oiling: almond, avocado, apricot, and grape seeds. Although in Asia, they prefer coconut. Apply oil on the scalp and the entire hair length, and then massage for a long time. An agate comb is ideal for this. After, the hair is twisted into a tight bun and left for several hours or all night.

Oiling is considered an excellent procedure for long thick, and unruly hair; it is also suitable for dry scalp and hair loss.

To find out if oiling is right for you and to find your ideal oil, you can start by applying oil to the ends of your hair. Use an agate scalp gua sha comb to massage your scalp, and then evenly spread the oil from the middle to the ends of your hair. Wash off after an hour.