Palo Santo — the fragrance that conquered the world

The bright aroma of palo santo filled yoga studios, beauty salons, and wellness homes. We will reveal why everyone loves these wooden sticks and why you should pay special attention to them.

How did everyone know about palo santo

Palo santo is a tree that grows in Central and South America. The locals set fire to the chips of these trees during traditional ceremonies to purify them from negative energy and evil spirits. The magical properties of palo santo were attributed to the aromatic resin that accumulated in the wood over the years.

Now palo santo is popular worldwide; you can buy them in almost any wellness store. Most often, they are used in the form of chips - small sticks that need to be set on fire and fumigated space. Sometimes - in the form of essential oil.

Palo Santo effects

Palo Santo gives everyone exactly as much as they are ready to receive: from a pleasant aroma in the house to stress relief and energy cleansing. The sweetish-woody aroma resembles a bouquet of cedar, sweet grass, and lemon with light mint notes.

Palo santo has a good aromatherapy effect: it calms, relieves anxiety, and induces a sense of peace. For those fond of spiritual practices, palo santo helps work with vibrations and negative energy, entering a meditative state.

Due to the complex chemical composition and high content of limonene, palo santo has a useful household feature - insect protection. So if strange living creatures suddenly settle in your house, try lighting a palo santo.

How to use it correctly

Light one side of the stick and wait 20-30 seconds. The wood of palo santo is dense; it takes some time to flare up.

Blow out and make sure there are no open flames.

Be sure to put the wand on a special ceramic stand.

The stick will slowly smolder and exude aroma. If the smoke begins to fade, you can blow gently to lighten the wood.

There is no particular hour or day for palo santo. Light up when you feel like it: during a home spa, yoga class, reading a book or having dinner with the family.