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Why We Need to Use a Sleep Mask Every Night

A sleep mask is that small accessory that remarkably affects the quality of our sleep, our well-being throughout the day, and even the condition of our skin.

No matter how comfortable your mattress and pillow are, you still risk waking up tired if you don't ensure complete darkness in your bedroom. The thing is, the important hormone melatonin is produced only in complete darkness. If light enters your eyes, it can disrupt melatonin synthesis. Even minor things like the LED from an alarm clock can interfere with hormone production. This is why we need a sleep mask to eliminate such disturbances.

What is Melatonin?

This is the hormone responsible for transitioning our body from sleep to wakefulness and back. It not only helps us fall asleep and wake up but also influences how we feel upon awakening. Another important function of melatonin is its anti-stress effect.

The condition of our skin also depends on melatonin. One of its functions is neutralizing oxidative processes that affect skin aging. If you sleep in complete darkness, your body will produce enough of the sleep hormone, and your skin will be able to fully recover.

Choosing a Sleep Mask

It's important that the accessory is the right size and doesn't allow light to seep in from under the bottom edge. The mask should also be comfortable for you, not restricting your movements or putting pressure on your eyes.

Another crucial point is the material of the accessory. Ideally, the mask should be made of natural breathable fabric like cotton or silk. This factor is especially significant for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin. Silk threads consist of very smooth fibers, so they won't irritate even hyper-sensitive skin.

Additional Benefits

The mask protects the delicate skin around your eyes from rubbing against the pillow. Such contact can lead to creases and eventually "crow's feet." The mask serves as a protective barrier for this sensitive area.

Some mask models have pockets where you can place aroma sachets. This combines sleep with aromatherapy, helping you fall asleep faster and making the first moments upon waking up more pleasant. You can also use the mask during meditation and yoga sessions.

Over time, the mask becomes part of your bedtime routine. Familiar items like your favorite pajamas give a sense of security, help you relax, and fall asleep faster.

To ensure your mask has only a positive effect, remember to wash it regularly, preferably 1-2 times a week. If it's made of silk, handwashing with gentle detergent or shampoo is best.