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The main beauty trend: embracing natural beauty and self-care

In this decade, natural beauty and self-care have emerged as the main beauty trends. We have come to a profound realization that beauty knows no boundaries or standards, and the most potent beauty tool lies in self-care and self-love

As this approach gains momentum, the significance of at-home skincare has soared, and the popularity of gua sha massage has surged. No longer are we willing to sacrifice our health for quick results; instead, we opt for approaches that preserve the gifts bestowed upon us by nature. Gua sha massage encompasses body, facial, and hair care, offering a profound connection with our bodies and positively influencing our mental well-being. It is simple and safe to perform (though it does come with some contraindications), making it accessible for anyone to try at home. With regular use, the effects are impressive: enhanced skin tone, relaxed facial muscles, diminished wrinkles, reduced swelling, and much more. Mastering the basic technique and adhering to simple rules are key.

A helpful tool in mastering the proper massage technique and overall facial care is the Luvly app. Just like the mission of our brand, Luvly's mission is to popularize natural skincare methods, help women love themselves, embrace their natural beauty, become more confident, and better understand themselves and their needs.

The gua sha course in the Luvly app will be beneficial for both beginners who are just starting to explore this technique and those who are already familiar with this ritual. The app contains expert instructions and personalized guidance. You don't need to search for additional information or fact-check; Luvly has already taken care of that.

You can download Luvly using the link.