How to build healthy relationships with your body

We tell you how to look at your own body differently and accept it through simple daily rituals

Surround yourself with domestic comfort

Get rid of things that make your body uncomfortable. These could be uncomfortable shoes or tight clothing, an office chair that causes back pain, rough bedding, or an uncomfortable pajama. Make convenience and comfort the main criteria when creating space around you.

Filter your social media feed

While scrolling through your social media feed, remind yourself that people use retouching, choose flattering angles, lighting, and poses. Don't be afraid to unfollow accounts and blogs that give you unrealistic ideas about appearance. Also, minimize communication with people who discuss others' appearance, not only online but also on social media.

Try to look at your body without judgment

Often, when we see our reflection, automatic evaluative judgments come to mind. Instead, try to explore your body with curiosity, without giving negative evaluations. Find favorite details and interesting features in your appearance.

Take care of your body

This is not about salon procedures but about regular home care. Work stress, a large number of daily tasks, and urgent matters create background stress and discomfort; it is important to know how to relax. Massage and daily self-care rituals are a great way to take care of your body, get to know it better, and let go of all the problems of the past day.

Engage in sports

Sport is one way of expressing love for yourself. Conscious physical activity will help establish contact with your body and reduce stress levels. To prevent sports from becoming an unwanted routine, choose a comfortable load option. Whether it's home workouts, tennis, running, dancing, or yoga, or maybe you want to attend workouts with friends. The main thing is to find an option where exercising will be associated with pleasure and health for you.

Take care of basic needs

Allocate enough time for sleep. Undergo regular check-ups appropriate for your age.