Features of skincare at different ages

When selecting a skincare routine, it is important to consider your skin type, the season, and individual body characteristics. And, of course, age. Let's talk about the key components that should be present in  beauty routine.

Age 20+

In 20s, the natural aging process of the body begins. Although the signs of mature skin will not manifest soon, it is essential to provide adequate care for your skin at this stage. Your skin maximizes its natural potential and effectively renews itself, so regular cleansing and moisturizing are sufficient. Starting from the age of 25, it's essential to include moisturizing products for the skin around the eyes in your beauty routine. You can also start learning the Gua Sha massage technique, which is beneficial at any age. Don't forget to use sunscreen.

Age 30+

After 30 years, the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other essential elements that make the skin firm and elastic significantly decreases. By the age of 35, age-related changes become more pronounced: the skin loses its tone, fine lines and wrinkles become noticeable. During this period, it's crucial to use sun protection products and anti-aging formulas containing hyaluronic acid and collagen. Don't neglect nourishing masks a few times a week.

Age 40+

By the age of 45, signs of mature skin typically become pronounced: the facial contour changes, pigmentation appears, deep wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and lips become more noticeable, and skin elasticity decreases. At this age, you should incorporate products with peptides and retinol into your beauty routine.

Age 50+

With the hormonal changes that come with age, the natural synthesis of the elements that support skin tone stops, and you need to compensate for this through skincare. Facial contours change, gravity takes its toll, the skin becomes thinner and less dense, and dryness and sensitivity can occur. Starting from this point and onwards, it's important to use strong anti-aging formulas that replenish moisture and collagen in the skin cells.

No matter how old you are, don't forget to include compliments to yourself in your beauty routine and always smile at your reflection. You are beautiful at any age!