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Evening skin care

Throughout the day, our skin performs a series of protective functions, encountering various negative factors in the surrounding environment such as temperature fluctuations, air pollution, and UV radiation. It is important that the skin regenerates at night, and evening skincare should assist in this process.


Stages of the evening beauty routine:


Cleansing and toning. Begin by removing makeup and cleansing the skin from impurities with specialized products. Then apply toner to restore the acid-alkaline balance. It is not necessary to apply toner with a cotton pad; you can take a small amount on your palm and distribute it on the face.


Serum. Apply it with light massage movements. Serums usually have a higher concentration of active ingredients and are aimed at solving specific issues. For evening care, serums with vitamins or hyaluronic acid are ideal. They can be used as an intermediate step before the cream or as a standalone product. Don't forget to apply caring cosmetics not only to the face but also to the neck.


Application of Cream. Depending on your skin's needs, it may be directed towards moisturizing, nourishing, or anti-aging support. Before bedtime, it's necessary to apply a night product, as it will help the skin regenerate, while the daytime cream is focused on protecting the skin. Remember to apply not only face cream but also eye cream.

Instead of cream, you can apply a leave-on night mask. Do this at least 30 minutes before bedtime to allow the product to be absorbed. Typically, night masks moisturize the skin well and contain concentrated anti-aging components. However, it's advisable not to use such products more than 1-2 times a week.


Massage and relaxation. During the evening beauty routine, it's important not only to take care of the skin but also to help yourself relax and prepare for sleep. Healthy sleep is one of the best beauty remedies. Gua sha massage helps relax facial muscles and enhances the effectiveness of cosmetic products.