Beauty mistakes that negatively affect the skin's condition

Even seemingly insignificant factors can impact the appearance and health of our skin. We've compiled the most common beauty mistakes that have adverse effects on the skin.

Neglecting to clean beauty gadgets

After each use of massagers and other beauty gadgets, it is important to clean them. This also applies to makeup brushes, sponges, and other beauty helpers. Brushes and sponges for applying foundation need to be cleaned after each use, for powders and blushes – 1-2 times a week. By the way, phones and headphones also need to be regularly cleaned.

Infrequent changing of pillowcases

We spend 6-8 hours a day sleeping, during which time our faces come into contact with pillowcases that accumulate dead skin cells, sebum, and dust. Therefore, it's recommended to change pillowcases at least once a week, preferably every three days.

Forgetting about expiration dates 

Like food products, cosmetics have their own shelf life that should not be exceeded. Some products have a shortened shelf life immediately after opening. For instance, opened mascara lasts only a couple of months, and SPF cosmetics used last summer may not be as effective in protecting against UV rays this year.

Ignoring neck and decollete care

The neck and decollete area require the same careful attention as the facial skin. Don't forget to cleanse these areas with gentle products and apply serums and creams. Start massaging your face from the neck and gradually move upward.

Following beauty trends on social media

Everyone's skin and its needs are different. There is no universal cream, serum, or other product that will suit everyone. Even the most popular cosmetics used by dozens of popular beauty influencers may be completely useless for you and not work on your skin.

Expecting instant results

Skincare products and rituals cannot provide instant results. To see noticeable results, at least a month of regular use is necessary, sometimes two or three.