Why is it necessary to regularly perform facial massage?

To ensure that the facial skin looks healthy, smooth, and firm, cosmetic care alone is not enough; other procedures are needed, and one of the important ones is regular massage. There are more than 40 muscles on the face, and massage plays a significant role in maintaining their tone. What else is beneficial about massage?

Improves blood circulation

Facial massage helps improve blood circulation, allowing nutrients and oxygen to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis. This contributes to an improvement in overall facial tone and color, giving the skin a healthy and rested appearance.

Correct massage normalizes the production of sebum. However, it is important to remember that the procedure should only be done when your skin is healthy; mechanical impact during irritations and inflammations will only harm and further traumatize the skin.

Reduces swelling

The simplest and quickest way to disperse lymph that has accumulated overnight and get rid of excess water is facial massage. It is advisable to start from the collarbone and neck area, gradually moving upward. All movements should follow the massage lines from bottom to top.

Has a rejuvenating effect

If facial massage is performed correctly, it can improve the tone of facial muscles and emphasize the face's oval. However, regularity is crucial; you won't see the effect after just a couple of sessions. This can be compared to sports activities: results will only be visible after some time with consistent effort. Additionally, massage helps smooth out folds and shallow wrinkles.