What is the difference between nourishing and moisturizing creams?

Skin care products are classified based on different criteria: skin type, time of application (day and night), and their primary function – moisturizing and nourishing. What are the key differences between nourishing and moisturizing creams, and how do they affect our skin?


Moisturizing creams are responsible for maintaining the skin's moisture balance and contain a high amount of water. The elasticity and healthy appearance of the skin depend on the presence of water in its layers. Moisturizing products can replenish moisture in various ways:

  • They penetrate the skin with molecules that retain moisture (one of the most well-known substances of this type is hyaluronic acid).
  • They stimulate the skin's own moisturizing system.
  • They restore the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss.

There is a misconception that moisturizing creams should not be used in cold weather because the water they contain can freeze at sub-zero temperatures. In reality, most modern moisturizing creams can be used throughout the year. Furthermore, due to temperature fluctuations between indoor and outdoor environments, the skin loses moisture and requires not only nourishment and protection but also hydration.

Another misconception is that moisturizing creams should only be used by individuals with dry skin. Quality hydration is necessary for all skin types at any age, especially for mature skin.


The main task of nourishing creams is to provide the skin with essential nutrients. They predominantly contain oils, nourishing substances, and vitamins. These creams help normalize metabolic processes, slow down aging, smooth wrinkles, increase the softness and elasticity of the skin, accelerate cell regeneration, and perform various other functions. Nourishing creams are essential for those with dry, sensitive, and combination skin.

There is a misconception that nourishing creams are unnecessary for the skin in warm weather. In reality, the skin needs nourishment even in the summer; it's just recommended to choose a lighter-textured cream.

Both nourishment and hydration are equally important for our skin, regardless of age. This is why both types of cosmetic products should be included in your beauty routine. Some manufacturers also offer combined creams that can perform both functions: nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Additionally, remember that not only the skin on your face but also other areas of your body need to replenish moisture and essential nutrients. So, don't forget to use nourishing and moisturizing creams for your body and hands.