How often to do Gua Sha massage?

If you're noticing that as you age, your face's contour is fading, and a double chin is appearing, consider adding Gua Sha massage to your beauty routine. Often, such changes are caused by lymphatic congestion and fluid retention. Regular Gua Sha massage helps to promote lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation, which significantly enhances your skin's condition.

Gua Sha massage is suitable for people of all ages. To determine how often you should perform this ritual, you can consider your type of aging.

"Fatigued" type of aging

In this case, signs of aging can appear quite early. The initial indicators include excessive puffiness, a dull complexion, and fine wrinkles. Over time, nasolabial folds may develop.

Fine wrinkle type of aging

The skin tends to be dry, sensitive, and prone to couperose. The facial fat layer is thin, and the face's contour remains unchanged over time.

For this type of aging, you can do the massage once or twice a week.

Deformation type of aging

The main characteristic of this type is ptosis (sagging). There's also a tendency for puffiness, a heavier lower part of the face, a loss of facial contour, and prominent wrinkles.

For this type of aging, it's recommended to do the massage two to three times a week.

Muscular type of aging

Wrinkles and ptosis appear much later in this case, and the facial skin remains youthful for an extended period.

You can perform the massage once or twice a week for this type of aging.

Mixed type of aging

This type is characterized by puffiness, ptosis, as well as both fine and deep wrinkles.

For mixed type aging, Gua Sha massage is recommended two to three times a week.

How to Properly Perform Gua Sha Massage?

  • Before the ritual, cleanse your skin and the Gua Sha tool. Massage should only be done on top of cream or serum.
  • All movements should follow the massage lines, moving from the bottom to the top and from the center to the sides.
  • Use different parts of the scraper for different areas of the face. The movements should be smooth with slight pressure. The massage should not cause pain or discomfort. Mild redness of the skin is normal.
  • Each massage line should be worked on at least 7-10 times. If you're new to Gua Sha technique, you can start with a roller, which is easier to use. Just remember that all movements should also be directed upwards, not up and down.
  • After the massage, avoid going outside immediately. Also, don't forget to clean the scraper or roller after completing the ritual. Store the massager in a special pouch and try to protect it from impacts.