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We know how difficult it is to decide on gifts for yourself and your loved ones, so we want to help you choose personal care devices. We have tested all cure. products: facial roller, face and body gua sha, sleep masks, and we know what you will undoubtedly love.

All our products are handcrafted from natural materials, sustainable, and are not tested on animals. Our kits are created based on the needs and concerns of our customers.

We hope you find the right set for you or your loved ones ♡

skin set with natural guasha
skin set with eye mushrooms guasha

Deep & Full Face and Body Massage Set

natural stone care set
natural stone patches set

Relaxation & Tranquility Set

body and face massage set
face and hair massage set

Intensive Body & Face Massage Set

natural products gift set
incense holder and guasha set

Face & Body Relaxation Set

gift box for beauty routine
organic bag for beauty routine

Face Massage & Relaxation Set

skin care set with guasha tools
skin care set with natural stone guasha tools

Awakening set | Morning Self Care Ritual

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
express beauty rituals set
skin set for beauty rituals

Daily Set | Express Beauty Rituals

bedtime set for daily rituals
care set before sleeping

Bedtime set | Beauty Ritual to Finish the Day