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Where emotions get stuck and how to release them

Throughout the day, we encounter a variety of emotions, not all of which are pleasant. Some, like anger, shame, and others, are often suppressed. However, repressing emotions doesn't make them vanish; instead, they get stuck in our bodies, affecting our well-being and even manifesting on our faces

Ideally, emotions should be acknowledged and let go, but it's not always easy. During challenging times, we might not even notice the build-up of stressful feelings, which can unexpectedly resurface later.  

According to psychologists, stress has three primary areas where it takes root.

The Head

Intense anxiety, overexertion, and depressive thoughts can lead to headaches. To combat these effects, consider incorporating guasha massage into your daily routine. Focus on the shoulders, neck, face, and the head itself. Use a guasha tool with a ribbed edge or a comb, applying gentle pressure and moving in upward motions. Performing this head massage in the evening can be particularly beneficial, especially if preceded by drinking chamomile or other relaxing teas.

Neck and Shoulders

To relieve tension in the neck and shoulder area, regular massages can be highly effective. Additionally, incorporate a set of exercises that target this region. Pay attention to your posture throughout the day, making a conscious effort to straighten your shoulders. Moreover, invest in a comfortable pillow that supports your neck and head during sleep.

Lumbar Region

According to proponents of psychosomatics, the lumbar area can be affected when we try to control every aspect of our lives and harbor unresolved conflicts. To counter this, take breaks during the day to engage in physical activity. Regularly participate in sports that bring you joy, such as yoga, swimming, or stretching exercises. Incorporating relaxing practices like meditation can also be highly beneficial.

P.S. By following the mentioned methods, you can effectively cope with the lingering effects of daily stress and unpleasant emotions. However, if you are dealing with a serious traumatic experience, it is crucial to seek help from a qualified specialist to work through these issues effectively.