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A hair care method you didn't know about: aroma combing

Hair care can be combined with aromatherapy. All you'll need for this is a comb, essential oil, and a bit of free time.

Aroma combing is a technique of combing using a few drops of essential oils and a comb. This ritual is performed with previously washed and dried hair. Depending on the chosen oil, the procedure can help you feel invigorated before a busy day or, conversely, relaxed before sleep. It's important to use a comb made of natural material; plastic can unexpectedly react with the oil components.

The choice of essential oil depends on your hair and scalp type. It's crucial to choose a high-quality product that you're not allergic to. Only 3-5 drops should be used. Overdoing it can make your hair greasy, or an overly intense aroma can cause discomfort. Of course, if you have short hair, a single drop might be enough, while much more might be needed for long and thick hair. The oil is applied to the base of the comb and evenly distributed along the teeth using your fingers. Comb the hair directly; applying essential oil to the scalp can cause irritation.

During the ritual, try to breathe calmly, detach from problems, and focus on your sensations. Dedicate this time to yourself alone. The procedure can last for 5-10 minutes, and the frequency of the ritual is once a week.