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Natural Stone Green Fluorite Eye Patches

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Eye patches made from natural minerals are an eco-friendly version of your favorite beauty accessory. 

How to use eye patches

Use cold patches to cheer up in the morning, remove puffiness, give your face freshness. To relax, eliminate cramps and stress, heat the patches in the warm water. You can use them independently or put them in special pockets in a sleep mask.

Fluorite is one of the most beautiful stones that gives its owner strength and energy; it helps to reduce stress levels and relieves fatigue. The mineral can calm and is recommended for people prone to excessive emotionality.

Due to the stones' natural properties, the patches retain the temperature for a long time, unlike the hydrogel. 

Natural stone patches can also be used as a massager for the skin around the eyes. The main thing is to do all the manipulations gently and carefully.

The kit includes two patches and a storage case. These patches do not require special care; they can be cleaned using foam or gel under running water. Protect patches from falling on hard surfaces. 

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