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Daily Set | Express Beauty Rituals


This is a rather fast routine suitable for those who are leading a hectic lifestyle. It is effective and easy.

Daily rituals should be simple, quick, and effective. That is why we have put together this daily set, with which you can relax and take a breath at any time at home or work.

Contents of the Daily Beauty Set

We propose the following steps

1. Awaken yourself by massaging your eye area to soothe, eliminate the puffiness and create a rested look.

2. One might feel tired during the day. We believe that a sleep mask is not only a night accessory because one might feel tired during the day.
We propose using your silk mask to eliminate all the visual distractions, which can help you meditate, relax, and breathe for a couple of minutes during day hours.

3. Clean your gadgets under the running water and store them in our cotton beauty bag until you meet again.


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