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Awakening set | Morning Self Care Ritual

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The awakening set is a perfect way to start your day.

We devote a lot of time to morning rituals, as we are convinced that the outcome of the whole day depends on how your morning starts.

Contents of the Awakening Set

The awakening set contains exactly those massage tools that will wake you up and energize you for the entire day.

We propose the following steps

1. Natural agate face roller will awaken your skin, eliminate the puffiness by supporting the lymphatic drainage.

2. Working through the pressure points with an agate comb and massaging the head, increases the circulation that nourishes your roots and soothes your scalp.

3. You can finish your morning routine with agate Gua Sha, which enhances beauty rituals by promoting the lifting and smoothing of the skin, leaving the facelifted and radiant after use.

4. Clean your gadgets under the running water and store them in our cotton beauty bag until you meet again.

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